About Me


I’m a Postdoc at IST Austria, working in the group of Laszlo Erdös and Jan Maas. I’m mostly interested in probability theory, in particular the mathematical study of random growth models such as (totally) asymmetric exclusion processes or last passage percolation models, as well as related questions in e.g. combinatorics. I did my Phd in Bonn in Sep. 2015 with Patrik Ferrari on Shock Fluctuations in KPZ Growth models and spent a year as postdoc at ENS Paris, working with Jérémie Bouttier.

Here you can find my publications and preprints:

Anomalous shock fluctuations in TASEP and last passage percolation models, with Patrik Ferrari
Probability Theory and Related Fields, 61 (2015), 61 -109, arxiv preprint

Shock Fluctuations in flat TASEP under critical scaling, with Patrik Ferrari
Journal of Statistical Physics, 60 (2015), 985-1004, arxiv preprint

Fluctuations of the competition interface in presence of shocks, with Patrik Ferrari
ALEA, 14 (2017), 299-325, arxiv preprint

The free boundary Schur process and applications, with Dan Betea, Jérémie Bouttier and Mirjana Vuletić

Submitted, (2017), arxiv preprint

An extended abstract of this paper was published at Séminaire Lotharingien Combinatoire, 78.B44 (2017) (FPSAC 2017 Proceedings Volume)

Transition to Shocks in TASEP and Decoupling of  Last Passage Times

Submitted, (2017), arxiv preprint

Limit Law of a second class particle with non-random initial data, with Patrik Ferrari and Promit Ghosal

Submitted, (2017), arxiv preprint


E-Mail: peter.nejjar@ist.ac.at

My friend and colleague Elias Pipping passed away. Click here to find out more about him and his work.