Elias Pipping

A few days ago I learnt about the death of Elias Pipping. He had been suffering from cancer for some time. We had gone to university together. I still remember how, in an entertaining way, he got on the nerves of our analysis I professor. We had just learnt about fields, they had been defined as a triplet (K,+,•). Next, the professor wanted to introduce fields with a positive cone P which he defined as (K,+,•,P). Elias raised his hand and pointed out, that by this definition, a field with postive cone is a quadrupel rather than a triple. In particular, a field with positive cone is not a field, which is sth. our professor didn’t like hearing… For his diploma thesis, Elias  worked in functional analysis, and his work  led to a publication . 

For his phd, he turned to applied math and joined the numerics of PDEs group at FU Berlin. This lead to various publications and preprints, all of which are available on his webpage.

Elias and I had kind of lost contact even before he got sick, after I learnt about his cancer, I emailed him and asked how he was doing. He was optimistic  to get better within a few months . Checking our correspondance, I realized that it had already been a year since these emails, and this is the last time I heard from him. Rest in peace, Elias.